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Who we are

Here's the deal, Bartonville Christian Church cares about one thing more than anything else, Jesus Christ. BCC is a family of individuals that have found hope in Jesus, and simply want as many people as possible to experience that exact same freedom.

Where we come from

Bartonville Christian Church was started in 1959 by a few families in Bartonville. Back then, this group of families imagined a church that was truly welcoming to everyone - where everyone had a seat at the table.

ENGAGING the world with God's love as EQUIPPED and EMPOWEREDfollowers of Christ.


TO GROW as Spirit-filled Christians as we bring people to God the Father through our Lord Jesus Christ.


We Exist to:

...to Submit to God’s Will 

through Study and in Prayer.


...to Magnify God’s Name in 

Praise and in Worship.


...to Demonstrate God’s Love 

in Outreach and in Fellowship

...to Communicate God’s Word 

in Speech and in Conduct.

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What this means for you:

What does this mean for you? Most importantly, you're always welcome at Bartonville Christian Church. We're saving a seat for you. Wherever you're at in your faith journey, you'll always be accepted as part of the BCC family.

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