At Bartonville Christian Church our mission statement is:

Engaging the world with God's love as equipped and empowered followers of Christ.


We are seeking a full-time pastor who is excited about the calling to ministry and to our church. We are seeking someone who exhibits a vision of doing God’s work here, and enthusiastically desires to share that vision with the church.


The ideal candidate shall:


  1. Be an exemplary follower of Christ in everyday living with a clear call to pastoral ministry in the local church.  Balanced in ministry, family and personal life.

  2. Demonstrate spiritual maturity and ongoing personal relationship with Christ through dedicated personal study and application of the Scriptures. 

  3. Serve as a skilled Christ-centered teacher/preacher who is an engaging visionary with a leadership style characterized by collaboration, service, and approachability. Of critical importance is an ability to connect, relate, and be “on the journey” with those he/she is preaching and teaching to.

  4. Provide compassionate pastoral care for the congregation as a self-motivated, self-starter willing to serve alongside the congregation. A continuous learner who, through knowledge and embracement of God’s word, provides leadership, stability and unwavering commitment to the mission and ideals of the Church.Lead the missional formation of the congregation with experience in mentoring and mobilizing people into missional living in their everyday lives.  Willing to collaborate with other churches and organizations. Shares in and displays commitment and enthusiasm to the mission and purpose of Bartonville Christian Church. Actions and decision-making exemplify the mission and demonstrate service, dedication and compassion, and are in the best interests of the church, its staff, and the community.

  5. Possess top tier communication skills to create a vision and activate the congregation.  A peacemaker in times of conflict and differences.  Ability to use a variety of structures such as small groups, ministry teams, missional communities, and virtual tools to build community in the church.

  6. Prioritize servant leadership over self within the local church organization through an ability to recruit, train, develop and deploy volunteer leaders from within the congregation. Experience in managing staff and administrative operations through collaboration with congregational leadership and staff to oversee strategic planning needs for the organization.

  7. Prepared to approach the demands of a post-COVID world with creativity and positivity. Willingness to embrace the emerging digital aspect of church ministry. Vision for re-engaging members estranged by the pandemic and a desire to reconnect with the community through both traditional and new ways of outreach.






A bachelor’s degree is preferred for this position.

Track record of growing ministries and improving effectiveness.

Demonstrated passion and ability for biblical preaching to a broad audience.

Love for developing, coaching, and caring for people.


Why Should You Apply?

This position offers the right candidate the opportunity to share their God-given calling with an established church with an active congregation to serve in the way God is leading them.  


Does this dynamic Pastor position sound like the job for you? Click here to learn more and to submit your application.

Ministerial Search Team News: May 30, 2021

We are all the church and as a team we invite your suggestions and recommendations in regard to what is important to you as we do our pastoral search. We have developed a survey to be used as one way to submit input to the team. The survey will be made available through email, the BCC Facebook page, and hard copies are available at the Welcome Desk.

Please give the survey your prayerful, honest and thoughtful attention. If you are not one for completing surveys, we pray it will give you food for thought and welcome your input by email at Please complete and return the survey and comments by June 20th.

It is of utmost importance to continue praying for wisdom, discernment, unity and direction for the Search Team. Pray for the candidate that God will place in our path who will be the best fit to love and serve our church. Pray for our inter- im pastor. Pray that this time of transition be a time that we, as a church, learn to seek God Himself even more than a new pastor.

Lord, we seek your will for the ideal candidate based on our church’s ministry needs, vision, mission and values. We pray that the true needs of this congregation will come to surface as we seek you Lord for what is next for your church... we keep our focus on You! Amen.


“In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps.” Proverbs 16:9


Search Team: Mark Alcorn, Shawn Lindsay Christa Rosenak, Avery Mowen, Donna Bordner