Ministerial Search Team News: May 30, 2021

We are all the church and as a team we invite your suggestions and recommendations in regard to what is important to you as we do our pastoral search. We have developed a survey to be used as one way to submit input to the team. The survey will be made available through email, the BCC Facebook page, and hard copies are available at the Welcome Desk.

Please give the survey your prayerful, honest and thoughtful attention. If you are not one for completing surveys, we pray it will give you food for thought and welcome your input by email at Please complete and return the survey and comments by June 20th.

It is of utmost importance to continue praying for wisdom, discernment, unity and direction for the Search Team. Pray for the candidate that God will place in our path who will be the best fit to love and serve our church. Pray for our inter- im pastor. Pray that this time of transition be a time that we, as a church, learn to seek God Himself even more than a new pastor.

Lord, we seek your will for the ideal candidate based on our church’s ministry needs, vision, mission and values. We pray that the true needs of this congregation will come to surface as we seek you Lord for what is next for your church... we keep our focus on You! Amen.


“In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps.” Proverbs 16:9


Search Team: Mark Alcorn, Shawn Lindsay Christa Rosenak, Avery Mowen, Donna Bordner